February 20-22, 2020

Matthew Negedly Scholarship Winners

The following were selected:

  • Sean Duffy
  • Brennan Moore
  • Marc Maikoski
  • Remington Kline

One of these lucky winners will be selected for a free FDIC registration during the lecture day on February 20th. If you know any of these individuals, please Congratulate them.

Foster Family Fire Recovery

Foster Family Fire Recovery

On 2/8, the home belonging to the mother of OFC’s own Richard Foster was severely damaged by fire. Over the last 40 years, his parents fostered nearly 500 children , most with special needs or terminal illnesses. Please consider making a donation to aid in their recovery. Thank you.


The Orlando Fire Conference is a training organization aimed to help equip firefighters with live saving tactics, tools for many operational needs, and survival skills to save their own. We realistic hands-on-training, seminars, and officer development training while celebrating the traditions of the fire service.