HOT Program

All Hands On Training participants are required to have met their own state standards for operating as an interior structural firefighter and have permission from their own agency Fire Chief to participate in the Orlando Fire Conference.

In order to participate in the Orlando Fire Conference, each participant must: sign a Liability Waiver, bring NFPA approved SCBA, and bring NFPA approved structural firefighting gear.

All HOT courses are 8 hours.

Hoarder’s House with Line Management (Live Fire) – SOLD OUT
This class covers the challenges of line management. Students will learn techniques in advancing lines while flowing through challenging circumstances. Students will work together in teams advancing hoses of various sizes through hallways and hoarder house conditions.

TIC – Thermal Image Camera (Live Fire) – SOLD OUT
This class will cover thermal imager use for the first in companies. Students will also get to see the limitations of the imagers use and tricks for fast effective searches and floor plan layouts using the camera to its full potential.

VES – Vent, Enter, Search (Live Fire) – SOLD OUT
This class has become a signature course of the OFC and an overwhelming favorite of attendees. Vent, Enter, Search is a very simple concept that puts firefighters in the best position to rescue a victim of fire. This course will break down the steps of this search technique and allow the attendees to gain confidence in its application. The course culminates in the application of VES in a setting that presents realistic challenges and obstacles and this year we will add live fire to the mix. Feel the real heat and real smoke conditions encountered during the V.E.S. practice.

Vertical Fire Attack -SOLD OUT
This class will cover extended lines and above grade firefighting. It will also teach ways of attacking fire after hoisting and several stairwell stretches. Once on the fire floor, students will advance using techniques and tricks of the trade for easy hose movement. It will also go over several types of hose packs and ways to deploy them.

Vertical Ventilation (Live Fire) – SOLD OUT
This class should be taken by any firefighter, not just those assigned to a truck company. This class will cover vertical ventilation by means of roof cuts, Over Live Fire. Students will receive the benefit of cutting over live fire without the danger. This year’s class will bring back the pitch roof and pass on the information needed to ventilate these types of roofs.

Know Your Flow – From the Water Can to the 2 1/2″ Nozzle – SOLD OUT
The course is designed to heighten awareness to the various types of equipment that create fire streams and develops a basic understanding of the different types of nozzles in use today. It exposes the following critical factors contributing to success of the firefighter interaction with this equipment. Flow, function, relationship of pressure to GPM and limitations due to nozzle reaction. In addition to this, the course will cover the under-utilized water can. It will show several ways to carry and easily deploy. Proper filling techniques and maintenance. The student will finish with scenarios into live fire with the “Can.”

The MEGA Class – Make Engines Great Again (Live Fire) – SOLD OUT
The course encompasses hose line and nozzle selection, hose-line placement and the basic understanding of flowing and moving. Hose line advancement and flowing into realistic buildings specific to your demographics. Getting back to the “Beyond the Pre-Connect” principles of always having a plan A, B, and C for when things go wrong, which will include extending hose-lines and operating in difficult situations. Primarily, setting yourself up for success outside of the fire. This class is geared towards the everyday engine company firefighter, driver and officer looking to become better equipped and ready for every situation the fire ground presents.

Suburban Engine Dirty Search with Fire Behavior – SOLD OUT
This class addresses minimum staffing challenges when having to perform critical fireground tasks of extinguishment and search simultaneously in residential suburban structures when no truck company is available or assigned. Learn how to perform proper preconnected stretches, nozzle advancement/extinguishment techniques, initiate an oriented search before the next due arrival and remove victims. This class is designed for minimum staffed crews to accomplish an aggressive search when their next due is significantly delayed on residentials structure fires.

Truck Fundamentals – SOLD OUT
This class will be comprised of several disciplines that are consistent on every Ladder Truck Company throughout the Nation. You’ll learn how to conserve your energy, throw ladders effectively, and utilize them as a means of survival if handled with confidence during VES and Roof Operations. Interior Search will recreate real-life conditions with little to no visibility, forcing entry on interior doors, all while teaching how to work swiftly and effectively as a team. Fundamentals are the key to success.

FDTN’s Firefighter Survival & Rapid Intervention – SOLD OUT
Brought to you by the staff at Fire Department Training Network, this course is designed to cement positive and proper techniques into your memory for situations involving firefighter entanglement, SCBA emergencies and disorientation. The attendee will face challenges in an environment that is positive and constructive.

Firefighter Survival – SOLD OUT
This class will cover “Sticky situations” and “Awareness” for firefighters. What to do if you are trapped, low on air, or lost. Techniques for finding which way is out and how to get down from an upper floor. The RIT isn’t as rapid as we need, learn how to make decisions and self-rescues in this new to the OFC class.

Everything Saws
This class will cover everything you need to know about working with saws. It will cover everything from maintenance and start up procedures to body placement and hand placement when using the saws. The students will also be cutting several different materials from garage doors to bars on windows.

Forcible Entry – SOLD OUT
This class will cover conventional forcible entry for forcing doors and other entry problems. In addition, it will cover “Through the Lock” methods learning how to gain entry to structures doing minimal to no damage to the occupancy. This is a must class for anyone assigned to gaining entry into structures for fires or other types of service calls.

“One Bad Day” Aggressive RIT Operations – SOLD OUT
This class will teach the students skills to perform an effective and aggressive RIT operation. The student will go over all facets of RIT emergency; from the Command aspect to the Rescue itself. Everything will be put together at the end with realistic scenarios utilizing live victims. This class will be instructed by Certified state of Florida Smoke Divers.

Advanced Extrication Techniques – Big & Small – SOLD OUT
We are excited to announce that for 2020 we have combined our 5 most popular scenarios into an action packed day of Rescue and Extrication techniques. Vehicle underride, dash and door, advanced stabilization, impalement, heavy lifting, and Class A wrecker familiarization are all included in our new scenario based HOT seminar.

Participants will utilize tools from TNT Rescue, Hurst, Holmatro, Genesis, Paratech, Dewalt, Rescue Jack, and more, while performing various aspects of advanced technique. Participants are encouraged to review Basic Vehicle Stabilization and vehicle anatomy terminology as this fast paced seminar is all about “tool-time.”

Elevator Safety, Operations, and Rescue for Firefighters – SOLD OUT
This course will examine the vast changes in elevator technology. We will look at how those changes impact firefighters when we use them to reach fires on upper floors of high rise buildings, and when we are called to rescue occupants of stalled elevators. In this class, we will cover what firefighters can safely do to release occupants trapped in stalled elevators, and, more importantly, when actions taken by firefighters without direction from elevator professionals can put themselves, and the elevator’s occupants, in grave danger.

Behavioral Health and Mental Wellness
This class will discuss the elements of keeping the firefighter mentally fit by preventing certain traumas that affect each and every one of us. It will cover self-care procedures and things to look for in others to prevent moral injuries and PTSD.