February 23th

0900 Opening ceremonies:

Orlando Fire Department’s Pipes and Drums and Honor Guard presentation of the Colors. Prayer, Pledge, and Moment of Silence Remembering Fallen Brothers

0915Welcome to Orlando Fire Conference

Special Guest: Orlando Fire Chief

0930 – Keynote Speaker: Corley Moore (Firehouse Vigilance)

This presentation is designed for people in leadership roles, or who want to promote into leadership roles.

    The mission of the class is to give people the tools they need to build a high-performance culture within their organization. I am extremely passionate about this, and I believe that understanding these principles can challenge anyone, anywhere to improve the culture of their Department. The presentation is broken down into nine principles of leadership all of which start with the letter “L”.   Learn, Listen, Love, Look, Laugh, Level, Live, Labor, Last. The ultimate point of the class is to provide them with the single greatest tool that I can give to someone in a leadership role, and that is a lens by which you can judge every decision around the firehouse… before you make it.  (I say firehouse on purpose… not fireground)

1115 – Special Presentations:

  • Recognition of Scholarship winners and selection of FDIC winner
  • Presentation of the Matthew Negedly Instructor of the Year Award.

Lunch – On your own

1330 – TBA

1615Raffle drawings

1900 – 3 for 30

(3 speakers for 30 minutes) : Speakers T.B.D.