Next Level Recruit Training

Reginald McKnight Jr. – Lieutenant with Miami Dade Fire

Politics have forced fire departments to place quantity over quality and the training bureaus are left to pick up the pieces. The recruit level is the foundation of a firefighter’s career. There should be unlimited resources given to a recruit training program to ensure that the foundation of each recruit is so strong that it allows the department to continue to mold and shape that firefighter throughout their career. As the world continues to rapidly change so is the fire service but that doesn’t mean we should abandon the core values of what it means to be a firefighter and what it takes to be a firefighter.

This lecture will cover many areas of a recruit training program and how to extend that program into the probabtionary year. We will discuss physical fitness, firefighter deiscipline, instructor selection, instructor deveolpment, recruit selection, recruit development and curriculum development. A recruit training program is not enough there must be a probationary program that evaluates the progression of each recruit that graduates to probationary firefighter, this will also be discussed to shed light on the importance of continuing education and improving skill sets from an awareness level to a competency level.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to develop a recruit training program.
  • How to select the correct individuals to lead a recruit training program.
  • How to implement physical fitness and gear acclimation for new firefighters/recruits.
  • How to cultivate the mindset of recruits.
  • How to develop a probationary training program.

Inspiration Isn’t Enough

Lafontant Dorival – Lieutenant with Miami Dade Fire

A captivating didactic presentation. It is a moment in time that verbally illustrates a remembrance of pain, a glimpse of hope, and the little victories of life and the path of servitude as a fireman that makes the journey worth it.

“Inspiration isn’t Enough” is a deep dive into the true structure and anatomy of “Firemanship.” It delves into what it takes to do this job starting from the inception of the dream to be a firefighter, to the day we take the oath, to the moment we oversee a company. It is a collective overview of historic moments we should never forget. A reminder of how we must continue through trying times to maintain and hold the standard. A reminder of the message, the method, and the madness of why we do what we do.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the true manifestation of firemanship!
  • Learn the why behind the message!
  • Learn how to establish leadership from the backstep!
  • Learn the value of servanthood!
  • Learn how to motivate and inspire the uninspired!