Febraury 25th – 26th (0800hrs – 1700hrs)

Due to unforeseen issues, specifically the weather system crossing the United States, some of our scheduled instructors have had flights cancelled. We are adapting and overcoming and bringing you the best substitutes possible. Below is the update schedule for the lecture series.


0800 – 1000
Hands on Incident Command & Size-Up
Mickey Tofexis

1000 – 1200
Command – A Holistic Approach
Jerry Tracy


1300 – 1700
Leadership from the Bottom Up
Candace Ashby


0800 – 1200
Fireground Decision Making – Where Science Meets Art
Dennis Reilly


1300 – 1700
Foundational Leadership – The Importance of Succession Planning
Jason Liska

Leadership From the Bottom Up! – 2hrs

Dr. Candace Ashby (Indianapolis Fire Dept., IN)

This fun and engaging leadership class is designed to inspire, educate, and motivate attendees on how to help yourself, each other, and your organization! Attendees, from firefighters to fire chiefs, will walk away with valuable information on enhancing individual and organizational performance while reigniting your passion! Too many organizations have a disconnect between the administration and operations levels. Administrators need to tap into the massive amount of potential at the operations level more while the bottom needs to stop blaming everything on the administration and millennials.  We need to hit a reset button and get the entire organization on the same team if we are going to move forward. Change starts with each one of us. Change your behavior, change the culture, and change the entire organization! No matter the position you hold, you do make a difference. It is time we all do our part to strengthen the brotherhood. What does the ideal firehouse look like that you want to work at every day for the rest of your career and what are you doing to achieve it? If you are a firefighter stop complaining and start doing; if you are an officer stop blaming and start doing; if you are a chief, stop talking and start listening. We are all in this together and together we are stronger. If you are ready to lead the change then this class is for you!

Fireground Decision Making, Where Science Meets Art – 2hrs

Dennis P. Reilly (Pittsburg Fire Dept., KS)

The class will take an in -depth look at how fireground commanders make decisions on an emergency scene. It will incorporate topics such as the O.O.D.A. Loop, Recognition Prime Decision Making, & the UL Studies along with the more intuitive aspects of high stress decision making into a practical approach that can be used in any emergency response situation. With the scope of the information presented, this class is beneficial for both the upcoming incident commander and the veteran chief officer. 

Foundational Leadership-The Importance of Succession Planning – 4hrs

Jason “Jay” Liska (Lake County Fire Rescue, FL)

 This course is a 4-hour Lecture Style Course that creates an open forum for both the instructor and the attendees to interact and share best practices related to the importance of building the foundation of your career and the impact that mentoring has on one’s professional and personal growth.