The Mayday Mindset:
Surviving the Modern Fireground

Capt. Rob Ramirez (bio)

“The Mayday Mindset” presentation covers the most up to date data and experienced driven firefighter survival and RIT/RIC training models. It addresses the effects that these high energy, low frequency, life or death, emotional events have on our tactical and strategic decision making process, as well as the psychological and physiological preparations required to successfully respond to, command, or survive the modern fireground mayday. It offers attendees of any level experience an interactive look and an honest deep dive into the data, as well as the who, what, when, where, and how we have been learning, training, and preparing our members for these types of life altering scenarios.

Florida Residential Firefighting

Capt. Bill Gustin (bio)

The construction and design   of residential structures in this state present Florida’s firefighters with challenges and dangers that may not be encountered by their brothers and sisters in Northern states.  This presentation will examine why Florida firefighters may have to adapt their tactics when fighting fires in modern lightweight “engineered” construction that is heavily insulated and required by code to withstand hurricane-force winds.  Most fire departments in this state are suburban, seriously understaffed and heavily involved with EMS; consequently, they cannot perform some of the “text book” personnel-intensive tactics that big city fire departments use.   Learn how to conduct size-up before committing limited resources, water supply options, considerations for apparatus placement and where to position the first attack hose line.  Fire problems common in this state will be addressed; such as solar panels, impact-resistant “hurricane” glass, wind resistant garage doors and why basement fires, although very rare in this state, can catch unsuspecting firefighters off guard. Tactics for attic fires, fires in attached garages and large, “McMansion” homes will also be examined.  Attendees will learn how modern, energy-efficient construction, common throughout Florida, influences fire dynamics and why wind-driven fires are not just a high-rise fire phenomenon.

Building Your Culture: Professionalism or Minimalism?

Lt. Anthony Gillam | Sean Duffy | Pablo Gener (bios)

This is not your typical culture class. We will not be providing our students with a “how to” approach in regards to taking action but rather urge them to put emphasis on the importance of a mindset that will motivate you to keep pushing forward. This course is for firefighters by firefighters and puts the focus on experiences and lessons learned in regards to the impact culture has within our organizations. It is a raw and uninhibited approach to a discussion designed for audience participation where everyone has value and input. During these four hours we will touch on many topics that we are facing in today’s fire service and strongly encourage the students to share their experiences they have faced or are currently facing in regards to the culture and its impacts that support actions of professionalism or minimalism. Remember, culture can be advantageous or destructive, it is up to us to decide!

Mentoring and Leading: Motivating People to Follow the Leader

This class will give you the tools to lead and mentor the future firefighters in your department. It will be two days of lectures taught by some of the most influential leaders in the fire service today. From street level leadership to upper level leadership, everything will be covered.