Febraury 24th – 25th (0800hrs – 1700hrs)


0800 – 1200 – Corley Moore: Reflective Readiness

Lunch provided

1300 – 1700 – Candance Ashby: Leadership from the bottom up


0800 – 1000 – John Lovato: Always Look out for #1

1000 – 1200 – Jason Liska: What they don’t teach you before becoming an Officer

Lunch provided

1300-1700 – David Mackenzie: Situational Awareness Matters

Lecture Series will be held at the School of Public Safety located at8600 Valencia College Ln. Orlando, FL. 32825

Situational Awareness Matters

David Mackenzie (SA Matters)

Most first responders know, intuitively, that strong situational awareness is an important aspect of safety. However, many do not understand what situational awareness is, how it is developed and how it can erode while working in high risk, high consequence environments. This program provides first responders with a working definition for situational awareness and will explain how it is developed. Specific examples of barriers that erode awareness will be discussed along with best practices for improving situational awareness.

Leadership From the Bottom Up!

Dr. Candace Ashby (Battalion Chief, Indianapolis Fire Department)

This fun and engaging personal leadership class is designed to inspire, educate, and motivate attendees on how to lift yourself and your organization! We typically sit back and wait for the leaders at the top to move our organization forward when the momentum needed is located at the bottom. In many organizations there is a disconnect between the administration and operations divisions. One of the reasons for this disconnect is the lack of communications. Attendees, from firefighters to fire chiefs, will walk away with valuable information on how to bridge that gap while improving individual and organizational performance! We must do a better job at getting everyone on the same team to move the organization forward while squashing the negative narrative and holding each other accountable. If you love the job, want to have fun, and be the change then this class is for you!

Reflexive Readiness

Corley Moore (Firehouse Vigilance)

In the fire service we never know what call will be the call of our lifetime. There is no guarantee that the next fire we run on will be a run-of-the-mill one. Reflexive Readiness is all about learning the core concepts that will allow a person to build a culture of Unconscious competence.  So that when things are hard and changing and chaos is trying to rear its head, we can be ready, adaptable, confident and competent. 

     No short class can turn someone into the ultimate fireground expert, but Reflexive Readiness provides the tools and a framework for beginning that journey. Starting on the premise that making decisions is simple when you understand your priorities, and then building from there. Just remember that simple does not mean easy!  The remainder of the class is then spent defining fireground tactical decision making, and how to best maximize each and every attendees fireground experience, training, situational awareness and their comfort level when making decisions.

 I believe there is a massive need in the fire service to prepare those in decision making roles to be more decisive and deliberate on the modern fireground. To understand that decision making is based on understanding your priorities. When there is a clear understanding of this throughout an organization then you can operate at a very high level, and with intentionality. Experience, combined with training to maximize your situational awareness and enhance your comfort level. The keys to achieving this are outlined in this class. When things are hard and changing, nothing can replace a well prepared and decisive fireground commander.