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February 24th – 25th (0800hrs – 1700hrs)

All Hands On Training participants are required to have met their own state standards for operating as an interior structural firefighter and have permission from their own agency Fire Chief to participate in the Orlando Fire Conference.

Surface Water Rescue & Confidence SOLD OUT

Lead Instructor: Joe Fox (Orlando Fire Dept.)

Back by popular demand. The Surface Water Rescue & Confidence class is designed to instill students with a professional foundation in water rescue emergencies.  This class will push students past their comfort zones to manage water emergencies successfully and professionally.  Water is the great equalizer, but this class will give students the confidence needed to take control of these incidents while minimizing the risk.  Be prepared to be waterlogged. (The majority of this class will take place in a pool and will begin with a modified IADRS Watermanship Test) 

Equipment Requirements: swim goggles, dive mask, snorkel, fins, swimsuit, towel.
Extra Gear Recommended: sunscreen, sun-protective shirt (i.e., long sleeve rash guard), warm clothes (hoodies, beanie, etc), sun hat, sunglasses, sandals

All Engine, All Day SOLD OUT

Lead Instructors: Steve Robertson (Columbus Fire Dept.)

As a member of an engine company, there are specific skills we must master. This hands-on program will go in-depth on three of those skills, stretching hose lines, knowing your proper flows, and efficient water application. When it comes to stretching hand lines, we only get one chance to get it right. This portion will cover bundle work, extending lines, and difficult stretches such as obstacles and overcoming common stretching issues. Students will have multiple repetitions on each of these. Knowing your flow will be the second skill station. We must know how to match our hose to the proper nozzle. Students will flow all different sizes of hand lines and master streams using multiple types and sizes of nozzles for each hose size. In this process, all of the steps to conduct a proper attack package evaluation will be covered, along with overcoming common attack package issues. Efficient application of water inside a fire is more important now than it has ever been. This portion of the program will cover water mapping, interior stream angles, and coordinated fire attack. This program is for all experience levels in the fire service. With over 140 years of instructor experience, there is something for everyone in this program.

Advanced Auto Extrication SOLD OUT

Lead Instructor: Bryan Davis (Retired Orlando Fire Dept.)

Participants will engage in the 4 most common types of vehicle entrapment and practice the latest techniques in disentanglement. Stations will include Vehicle Under-Ride, Dash Techniques, Vehicle-on-its-Side, and Vehicle-on-its-Roof. This is a hands-on, skill heavy HOT seminar with emphasis on safety, technique, and speed. Participants will utilize tools from TNT Rescue, Hurst, Holmatro, Genesis, Paratech, Dewalt, Rescue Jack, and more, while performing various aspects of advanced technique. Participants are encouraged to review Basic Vehicle Stabilization and vehicle terminology as this fast-paced seminar is all about “tool-time”.

The Art of Big Rig Heavy Lifting and Moving SOLD OUT

Lead Instructor: Chris Beeler (Osceola County Fire Rescue)

You know how to cut a car and get the patients out in time, but do you know what to do when that same car and patient are trapped underneath ninety thousand pounds of twisted steel? We will teach you fundamental skills for assessing the scene, vehicles and or objects involved. How to gain control of the scene, figure out what is required to mitigate the event and various ways to safely and efficiently remove victims in a timely manner. Your training for the Honda Civic only goes so far in the big rig world, come out and add pages to your book of techniques in the Art of the Big Rig.

Elevator Emergency Operations for Firefighters SOLD OUT

Lead Instructor: Creed McClelland (Orlando Fire Department)

No one wants to get stuck in an elevator. It’s our job to be proficient in handling these specialized emergencies. The only way to become proficient is to learn and drill on the skills, to keep the citizens we serve and our own firefighters safe. 

This operations class will discuss the parts & operations of Hydraulic, Traction, & MRL elevators. Firefighters taking the class will be taught how to use the Fire Service Elevator Recall for Phases 1 and Phase 2  operations. Students will be shown ways to handle a stalled elevator with occupants inside when the elevator car is in various positions in relation to the closest floor landing.  

Proficiency comes from knowledge & experience, knowledge & experience come from training.  See you on the top floor. 

The Way of The Nozzle: From the rig to the door SOLD OUT

Lead Instructor: Lafontant Dorival (Miami Dade Fire Rescue)

The Way of The Nozzle is a back-to-basics class in engine operations. Doubles down on abandoned past practices old timers before us applied and perfected. The focus is on nozzle operator mechanics, nozzle/hose line packages, deployment practices and getting the line in place to make an aggressive push to the seat of the fire. TWOTN preaches moving while flowing and getting the water where it needs to be. Unique emphasis is placed on the doorman, which details the experienced based skills necessary to be a proficient member at the door, while moving a charged hose line and controlling the door.

Learning Objectives:

  • At the end of this course students will: 
  • Have a good understanding of air entrainment, water mapping, and identifying stream sounds. 
  • Understand and perform sound nozzle maneuvers/mechanics. x
  • Understand and perform moving while flowing techniques (making the push). 
  • Understand and perform effective communications and good corner work in hose management. 
  • Be able to gather and deploy hose to setup for coil hose line tactics 
  • Understand and perform the major responsibilities of the door firefighter 

Keys to the City: Gaining Entry SOLD OUT

Lead Instructor: Eric Wheaton (Winter Park Fire Dept.)

As the forcible entry team, you have the pressure of the entire fire ground on you. The door must be opened to allow searches and hose advancement to happen. This class will give you the confidence as if you have the “keys to the city” when faced with any forcible entry challenge.

Students will start with the basics and progress towards real world forcible entry challenges. Participants will have a great understanding of the “whys” of forcible entry. This class is 100% conventional techniques and will focus on repetition to build a good forcible entry foundation. Our through-the-lock and passive entry rotation will be hands-on and detailed, ensuring participants have a sound understanding of pulling and manipulating locks. Students will end the day with a limited space forcible entry scenario, forcing several doors in tight quarters and low light.

This class is for any firefighter or fire officer wanting to know the details of forcible entry and will give them the skills to tackle any challenge.

Skills covered:

  • Tool orientation
  • Door Construction and swing
  • Through-the-lock
  • Passive entry
  • Padlocks
  • Security window bars
  • Limited hallway space
  • Limited visibility

Can Confidence SOLD OUT

Lead Instructor: Scott Ketcham (Winter Park Fire Dept.)

This class is designed to build confidence on one of the most often neglected tools found on nearly every fire apparatus: the 2 1/2-gallon water extinguisher. The “Can” can be an extremely effective life saving tool by allowing a well-trained firefighter to quickly apply water between fire and victims. Attendees will learn proper filling and pressurization steps, how to build homemade carrying straps and other useful “Can” modifications. The class will also cover valuable skills on carrying and searching with the “Can,” and confining fire with it. Students will cycle through a “force an interior door off its hinges’ ‘ prop and use this door to hold back live fire and smoke. Finally, attendees will perform live fire attacks with nothing more than a “Can” and witness the effect of the “Can” on pre-flashover conditions.

“One Bad Day” (R.I.T. operations) SOLD OUT

Lead Instructor: Bassel Ibrahim (Orlando Fire Dept.)

We will address the many facets of RIT, from the stress response physiology, to the command aspect, ending with the rescue itself. Using a Crawl, Walk, Run approach with skill stations in the morning and full-scale scenarios in the afternoon (live victims, live command structure and live dispatchers), we will share information that students can relate to and take back to their respective agencies in hopes of enhancing their training ability to conduct an effective RIT operation. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of being proactive and aggressive.

Search and Ladders SOLD OUT

Lead Instructor: Michael Ciampo (FDNY) and Grant Schwalbe (Estero FD)

The Search and Ladders class will be a must take for any firefighter currently on the job. Mike Ciampo will conduct his street smarts in portable ladder operations. Students will conduct live rescues from ladders, work off the ladders with new and improved leg and arm locks, uncommon uses for ladders and throwing ladders under overhead obstructions with unusual raises. This class is lessons from the street and goes beyond the books and will bring your skills to new heights. Grant Schwalbe will be covering the Primary Residential Search. Why are we here? We are here for THEM. This class will set you up for a successful search on the fireground using a crawl-walk-run methodology. We review the best practices in how to search, where to search first, what tools to take, how to move efficiently and how to get THEM out. The class begins with skill stations and finishes with high speed scenarios allowing the student to test what they’ve learned.

Vent, Enter, Search into Live Fire SOLD OUT

Lead Instructor: Aaron Mullins (Orlando Fire Dept.)

This class has become a signature course of the OFC and an overwhelming favorite of attendees. Vent, Enter, Search is a very simple concept that puts firefighters in the best position to rescue a victim of fire. This course will break down the steps of this search technique and allow the attendees to gain confidence in its application. The course culminates in the application of VES in a setting that presents realistic challenges and obstacles and this year we will add live fire to the mix. Feel the real heat and real smoke conditions encountered during the V.E.S. practice.

Hoarder’s House SOLD OUT

Lead Instructor: Fire Department Training Network

This year we will offer both engine and truck operations into the Hoarder’s prop. This class covers the challenges of line management and searching techniques. Students will learn techniques in advancing lines while flowing through challenging circumstances. Students will work together in teams advancing hoses of various sizes through hallways and hoarder house conditions. Students will also be given the tools to search into Hoarder’s conditions and work as teams to remove victims. This class will be brought to you by the staff at Fire Department Training Network.

Flashover Awareness and Thermal Imaging SOLD OUT

Lead Instructor: A.J.Dupell (Orlando Fire Dept.)

Students will cover the “Flashover”. The most dangerous situation firefighters face because we are arriving as the house is entering that potential stage. Learning the signs and indicators of flashover is crucial. Students will be placed in the “Flashover Simulator” to watch the fire progress and flash right before their eyes. Students will also be taught the use, maintenance, care, and limitations of the Thermal Imaging Camera, one of the best advancements in fire service technology in recent years.

Make Engines Great Again (MEGA) SOLD OUT

Lead Instructor: Mike Salzano (Fort Lauderdale Fire Dept.)

The MEGA Class will encompass hose line and nozzle selection, estimating the stretch, hose-line placement and the basic understanding of flowing and moving. Hose line advancement and flowing into realistic buildings specific to your demographics. Getting back to the “Beyond the Pre-Connect” principles of always having a plan A, B, and C for when things go wrong, which will include extending hose-lines and operating in difficult situations. Primarily, setting yourself up for success outside of the fire. This class is geared towards the everyday engine company firefighter, driver and officer looking to become better equipped and ready for every situation the fire ground presents.

Decide to Survive SOLD OUT

Lead Instructor: Julian Pompi (Orlando Fire Dept.)

Students will be challenged with a scenario based class where they will encounter real life LODD scenarios. Skills will be re-enforced after the scenario. This class will challenge the firefighter to use their own experience, whether a probie or a veteran, to think their way through a difficult situation. Real structures, real emergencies. 

Vertical Ventilation Roof Operations SOLD OUT

Lead Instructor: Larry McCormack (Chicago Fire Department) and Sam Hittle (Wichita Fire Department)

Back by popular demand! This class should be taken by any firefighter, not just those assigned to a truck company. This class will cover vertical ventilation by means of roof cuts, over Live Fire. Students will receive the benefit of cutting over live fire without the danger. This year’s class will have both flat and pitch roof props and pass on the information needed to ventilate these types of roofs.